Why Shop Here?

carm-creams.jpgWell, lots of reasons, but here are the three we hear about most from our customers: 1. fresh products, 2. low prices, 3. excellent service.

1. Fresh Products - Simply put, if it's not fresh, it doesn't ship. Nice thing is, with fresh nuts and coffee beans spilling out of our on-site roasters every day, we know EXACTLY how fresh they are. You've tasted cashews, pecans, peanuts and almonds before, but have you ever tasted a batch that came straight from the roaster? As far as our candies go, when you're shipping literally tons of bulk candy to all 50 states every year, you're constantly rotating stock -- in fact, many of our candies are in such demand that they don't even reach the warehouse rack! From jumbo jelly beans to gummies and every wrapped and unwrapped candy in between, we ship only the freshest, quality confections.

2. Low Prices - If you can find another web store selling the same fresh, quality candy, nut and coffee items at a lower delivered price than ours, please let us know. Truth is, we haven't found one. In fact, we encourage you to do some serious comparison shopping. We don't spend hundreds of dollars on advertising each day which would require us to raise our prices. We're a small town company that builds relationships with our loyal customers by offering fresh, delicious products at the lowest possible price. And in many cases, much lower.

3. Excellent Service - We proudly admit to being a little old-fashioned in this area. Once an order is placed, it does not criss-cross the plant through a network of processing, fulfillment and shipping channels. It's actually handled by the same person from start to finish. The same person that packs our yummy candies and scoops hot batches of nuts and fresh roasted coffees also prepares each package for shipment. In this way, we can best guarantee that every order placed receives the proper attention and personal care through the packing and shipping processes. And, of course, if you ever have a question about an order placed or if you wish to place a new order, simply call us toll-free at 800-367-4693 and ask for extension 240. We do not charge an extra fee for phone-in orders.