Jumbo Fruit Jelly Beans 19 oz. bag


Fruit jelly beans have never been the same. These jumbo fruit jelly beans feature a great blend of classic fruit flavors: cherry, orange, strawberry, grape, lemon and lime.

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Maggie 29th May 2017

Bruised Jelly Beans?

Loved these so much, but I don't know if it was their fault or the shipper, but the corner of the box that they were in, which was very full, also looked like it had been stepped on or dropped really hard. The jelly beans took the brunt of the incident, being semi crushed. (have to admit, I ate them anyways :) ) They really are THE BEST!!!

charles costin 7th May 2017

Size of Jellybeans were "medium." Far from the large or jumbo ones we have seen elsewhere.

jellybeans, love'em regardless of size

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