Jumbo Spice Jelly Beans 19 oz. bag


Spice jelly bean fans can be a picky bunch and we respect that . . . which is why we created these jumbo spice jelly beans with the best mix of spice jelly bean flavors: cinnamon (red), peppermint (white), clove (orange), spearmint (green), sassafras (yellow), wintergreen (pink) and anise (black).

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Sherry 5th Jul 2017

Jumbo Spice Jelly Beans

Fresh and Delicious. Great Flavor!

Mary Anne McCarthy 26th Feb 2017

STALE jelly beans

The 4 bags of jelly beans I ordered were filled with hard, stale jelly beans. They must have been leftovers from last spring's batch. I threw them out.

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