Planning A Candy Buffet For Your Wedding Reception: What You Need to Know

Candy buffets are a fun way to add a special touch to your wedding reception. An elegant candy buffet also makes for excellent opportunities for delightful photographs. However, creating and maintaining a great candy buffet may not be as easy as it looks, especially with all of the other wedding details you will already be focused on. The good news is that with a few key tips in mind, your candy bar can be relatively affordable and low-maintenance, and still have the perfect charm to compliment the rest of your wedding reception. Here are the most important details to consider when planning this sweet treat for your guests.


photo credit: Corey Ann

How much candy to buy

It's better to have too much candy than not enough, so stock at least 1/4 to 1/2 a pound of candy per guest. While some guests may help themselves to platefuls, other guests may not take any at all, so half a pound of candy is a safe estimate. You may not expect some of your friends and family to take advantage of the candy bar, but keep in mind that some adults, though they may not have a sweet tooth, will want to take some candy home to their children and grandchildren.

What types of candy to buy

When you are deciding what kinds of candy to include, be sure to consider any allergies your guests may have. Make sure candies with nuts or other allergens are clearly marked. Also be sure to keep in mind the season when your wedding will take place. You do not want to have chocolate sitting out during an outdoor wedding in August, for example. Melting can be an issue, especially for outdoor receptions, so be aware of where and when the candy buffet will be enjoyed.


Keeping the candy buffet neat and stocked

Hiring an attendant for your candy bar is the best way to give you peace of mind while your guests enjoy their treats. Oftentimes banquet halls can assign one of their staff to guard the table. They’ll be able to straighten the displays when needed refill the cups and jars when they start to run low on candy.

Choosing your candy bar's design

The most important design consideration is to make sure your candy buffet's theme and colors match the rest of the reception. You want the candy display to be attention grabbing but also aesthetically appealing. Ideally, your candy buffet should resemble a work of art.

How to decorate your candy bar on a budget

One efficient, cost-saving trick is to flip the escort card table into the candy buffet after your guests are seated. This way, you save yourself another piece of furniture to add to your reception hall, and it will already be decorated to the reception's theme.

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