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Jumbo Spice Jelly Beans 19 oz. bag

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    Spice jelly bean fans can be a picky bunch and we respect that . . . which is why we created these jumbo spice jelly beans with the best mix of spice jelly bean flavors: cinnamon (red), peppermint (white), clove (orange), spearmint (green), sassafras (yellow), wintergreen (pink) and anise (black).

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    1. Not the flavor I remember from years back.

      I bought these especially to taste the clove jelly beans and what a disappointment! They taste nothing like they did years ago. In fact all the flavors have a mild taste now; nothing like they used to. I will not purchase these again. on 18th Apr 2016

    2. hard beans

      we ordered 3 bags and have opened only one. During the course of eating this one bag of jelly beans there have been 3 jelly beans that were as hard as rocks. Our dentist told us to stop eating them. We like the taste very much. Hopefully the other two bags won't cause any problems. on 19th Mar 2016

    3. My personal favorite

      Your jumbo spice jelly beans are the best I have found and as I have moved away from your retail area, I was very glad to find I could order online. It would be nice if flavors other than cinnamon and licorice could be ordered in single flavor packages. on 18th Mar 2016


      It was a year .. one year.... much to long to wait for the jumbo spiced jelly beans. Love em. Buy them now! on 17th Mar 2016

    5. Best spicy jelly beans anywhere

      I first encountered these jelly beans in a local store, not one of your bigger chains. As I moved away from the area I no longer had access; so in visiting last year I got the name of them and HELLO, I found them online. Great jelly beans. THERE ARE JELLY BEANS AND THEN THERE ARE HOWE JELLY BEANS, THE GREATEST. on 15th Mar 2016

    6. Very good jelly bean

      I am a big fan of the licorice jelly beans and gave these a try for a change of pace. They have a good flavor but I will stick with black licorice. on 6th Mar 2016

    7. Yummie!

      Munched on the smaller spiced jelly beans and remembered the "Reagan" jumbo jelly beans! Ordered 2 pkgs. only because if I had more they would destroy my diet! Your jelly beans are the "best" and since I can't resist eating them will be reordering soon! on 1st Mar 2016

    8. YUMMY!

      Great texture with just the right spicy taste! on 17th Feb 2016


      I just upped my recent order to 4 bags each of spicy and fruit. You cannot put these down. They are beyond good, the jelly beans are fantastic! on 15th Feb 2016

    10. Best spiced jelly beans

      Always had spiced jelly beans when we lived in Pennsylvania but since moving to Georgia we could not find any. .thank you for having online ordering. .we will definitely be ordering again.. on 18th Dec 2015