Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

As we roll into spring, we are in the works of making some changes to georgehowe.com. We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty, and let you know that we kept you in mind while making these decisions. To start off the year we sent out a survey to get your feedback, and we were very excited from the outcome of responses. Here’s what to look out for:

A NEW DESIGN! Yep, it was time. We freshened our cup of coffee, so to speak . . . made the design warmer, the navigation smoother and the overall look and feel of the site cleaner and more appetizing to best promote our fresh coffee, candy and nut products. We know change is tough for some, so rest assured our low prices, exceptional service and free shipping guarantee on orders of $35 or more has not changed :)

COFFEE! We are adding Decaf French Roast, English Toffee, Decaf English Toffee and Decaf Caramel Pecan all year round. We are also changing and adding some seasonal blends. Starting in February we are thrilled to have Chocolate Cherry on our site for a short time, this will be featured along with fan favorite, Chocolate Raspberry. As the year continues be on the lookout for Maple Cinnamon, Sugar Cookie, and Winter Delight. Although we will be discontinuing Decaf Hazelnut and Decaf House Blend served in 1.5 ounce bags, we will continue selling them by the pound. We also will be adding to our coffee lineup the 1.5 ounce bags of Toasted Almond and Decaf Sneek-A-Diddle.

NUTS & TRAIL MIXES! We will adding more selections of Trail Mixes to our site this year! Anyone who has ever been into our retail store, may have seen mixes such as, A+M Mix, New York Nosh, and Hiker’s Mix. These delicious mixes will soon be available on the webstore. We are also on the hunt for some new trail mix recipes, if you have any suggestions feel free to email us some of your favorites as we always enjoy getting feedback from our loyal customers!

GIFT BOXES! We are working really hard to get some gift box sets ready for any occasion! They will feature products for nut, coffee and chocolate lovers, along with some for those who can’t decide on one true love. Each box will be priced to include specialty gift bags, bows, crinkle cut, and a personal note from you.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS! George Howe will also be expanding to add and enhance products for special occasions such as, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc. We will provide options of personalizing fraction pack coffees, along with bulk nuts, trail mixes and candies to be sold. You will also have the option for specialty bags, bows, twist ties, and even having us package everything for you!

BLOG! Another new thing is this blog that you are reading, we are hoping to be able to post at least twice a month so that we can continue to share more information about the company, our products and the future.

VIDEOS! Look for recipe videos on our YouTube channel, created using some of your favorite Howe products!

We are very excited for what 2017 will hold and hope you are as well! If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us!


The George Howe Family



27th Mar 2017

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